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Frequently Asked Questions with Ecomaids

We know inviting someone into your home to clean is a big decision. That’s why trust and satisfaction are top priorities at Ecomaids. We want you to feel completely comfortable with us taking care of your space. So, let’s address some of those burning questions you might have regarding our services, pricing and more.

How do we ensure your satisfaction?

Well, at Ecomaids, we go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy.  Our team is highly trained and dedicated to providing top-notch services.  Plus, we use eco-friendly products because we care about your health and the environment.

Do you service my area?

Just head on over to our website and use our handy locator tool located at the bottom of the homepage. Just pop in your info, and voila! You’ll find the closest office to you.  Now, what if our website says there’s no office nearby, but you know there’s one just a hop, skip, and a jump away? No worries! Give that nearby office a call or shoot them an email. They’ll see if they can swing by and help you out.

Can I just get a rough estimate of how much it will cost to clean my home?

We get it, you want to know what you’re getting into. Our pricing is tailored to your unique home because let’s face it, no two homes are alike. So, contact your local ecomaids office for a personalized quote.

Do you offer packages?

Nope, we don’t do packages. We customize each cleaning to fit your needs.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, chemicals, and equipment?

Yes, we bring all our own eco-friendly supplies and equipment. You don’t need to lift a finger!

Do you clean homes just once, or do you have to clean long-term?

While most of our customers prefer a weekly cleaning on a regularly scheduled day, we also clean homes every other week or less frequently. Even special occasions.

How many people will be in my home during each cleaning?

Depending on the job, we might send one, two, or even three awesome team members to your home. And don’t worry, we respect your privacy and the trust you put in us.

If I sign up for long-term service, will the same person be in my home each time?

Hey, if you sign up for long-term service, we’ll do our best to keep the same team coming back. But if things change, we’ll give you a heads up.

What time will you be at my home?

Well, we’ll try to accommodate your schedule as best we can.  We will confirm arrival times ahead of actually arriving!

What is the difference between Ecomaids and another cleaning company?

We’re not just about cleaning homes; we’re about taking care of people, pets and the planet.

What does Ecomaids offer that other cleaning companies don’t?

Unlike most cleaning companies, we’ve done extensive research to find the most cutting-edge green cleaning products , allowing us to provide incredible deep cleaning results, without  environmental damage endless scrubbing or exposure to caustic chemicals.  Have your cake an eat it too, getting the help you need, guilt-free. 

If there is a problem, who can I call?

Feel free to give us a a call and we will be more than happy to assist.

I’m interested in working for you. How do I apply?

If you’re interested in joining our team, reach out to your local ecomaids office. They’ll fill you in on all the details.

Hopefully this answers most of the questions you may have about Ecomaids and the services we provide.  You can trust us to give your space a quality clean that is good for people, pets and the planet.

Ecomaids Values

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Promoting Sustainable Living

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Supporting Our Local Communities

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Saving The Planet, One Spotless Home At A Time

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*Offer valid at participating franchise locations and only applies to first-time customers with purchase of a residential cleaning service. $150 discount includes $30 off first service & $10 off 12 bi-weekly cleaning services. Offers cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons, promotions or prior purchases. Certain restrictions apply

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