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COVID – 19 Safety

What we are doing to protect you and our staff..

What is ecomaids doing to keep clients and staff safe?

  • Ecomaids high standards for thorough cleaning, disinfecting, and avoidance of cross-contamination with our unique color coded system, cloth sanitation, and not transferring cleaning tools such as mop pads and cloths house to house is already protecting against the spread of germs. All staff have been briefed on the strict requirement to the adherence of this policy.
  • Nitrile gloves are being be used in all homes, in all areas, and disposed of after cleaning in restrooms and each home.
  • House shoes are being worn to prevent the introduction and spread of outdoor dirt and contaminants; in addition, every staff member is now thoroughly wiping their shoes with peroxide prior to entering every home
  • All dirty cloths are sanitized with high heat and OdoBan eco-friendly disinfectant.
  • Masks are being made available to all staff and are being used if requested or and our thought to be necessary by staff.
  • We’re asking all clients to please remove bedding and towels themselves if they would like us to replace them with fresh ones.
  • We have hand sanitizer in each eco-car, and available for refilling personal containers.  All staff are actively utilizing hand sanitizer multiple times per day and between every client visit.
  • Employees are being required to remain at home if they show any signs of illness whatsoever.
  • We are asking all of our clients to postpone service if anyone in their home has had any recent symptoms of the flu, cold, or unidentified respiratory illness.
  • Our general disinfectant Hydrogen Peroxide is on the EPA’s updated Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus list
  • In addition, we have added Hypochlorous Acid as an optional Deep Clean protection. It is a potent but non-toxic disinfectant that’s not been made commercially because of it’s short shelf life- we are making it in small, 2 week life, batches

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