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ecomaids is the leading innovator of environmentally responsible, non-toxic residential cleaning services for families throughout the country.

This once seemingly small company that was founded by a mom who started it all. This mom challenged industry norms, rejected harmful cleaning products and with the simple thought and desire of doing more for her family, changed an industry.

For the right franchisee partners, ecomaids represents one of those unique and rare opportunities to do more for yourself and your family, to build a business that you are proud of and to leave a legacy. With our franchisee partners, we are committed to doing and achieving great things together.

Your ecomaids business will be part of a proven and growing residential cleaning industry. As an ecomaids business owner you will have the opportunity to develop and grow a customer base in your own market and build a recurring revenue stream with customers that value the unique services and products that only ecomaids offers.

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Why become an ecomaids franchisee? Plus factors for real success.

Real Territories

We are looking for business builders who want to build a “thriving business”. Our territories are one of the largest in the industry. An important factor when owning a cleaning franchise.

Term Tested

Why build a business if it only lasts 10 years? We offer up to 4 renewal terms so the business that you build can remain protected for up to 50 years.


Royalties that Reward

Our royalty structure is the most competitive in the industry. The better you do, the lower your royalty rate becomes and starts at only 6%.

Partnership Pricing

We do not profit on the sale of ecomaids cleaning products and supplies that we supply to our franchisees. Our franchisee pricing will never exceed our cost plus a 5% (maximum) administration fee.


Ongoing Training and Support

Success starts with the basics and a solid foundation. As an ecomaids franchisee, you will benefit from our two week training program.

From establishing your ecomaids business, building your team, to marketing and legacy building, our training covers it all. Since success is a constant learning process, you will benefit from our on-going support where we are there for you.

Customer Relationship Management System

As an ecomaids business owner, you will benefit from our best in class business management system. Through our business management system you will have complete control to:

  • Provide estimates
  • Build your customer list
  • Plus a lot more!