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Post Construction Cleaning

Having work done on your home, such as having additions made to your home or renovations done, can cause a high amount of residue to be left over when the construction crew is finished. After this a home benefits from a post construction cleaning to remove the build-up that settles from the construction.

ecomaids post construction cleaning services are designed to target these high residue areas and bring them up to professional green cleaning standards. The use of HEPA filtered vacuums, color-coded microfiber cloths and our non-toxic, allergen-free cleaning products ensures that your home is left without any post-construction dust and residue. Letting ecomaids handle your cleaning needs will allow you time to enjoy the new construction without having to worry about getting rid of the mess that is left behind after the construction crew leaves.

At ecomaids we want you to feel completely comfortable and confident about our cleaning services and the team of cleaners we are sending. Please feel free to take a look around our website and get familiar with who we are as a company. For more information on post construction cleaning services from an ecomaids in your area, please use our quick contact form.

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