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Peroxide Cleaner & Deodorizer

Since 2009, our Green-Seal Certified Peroxide Cleaner & Deodorizer has been cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting our clients’ homes and business. We’ve carefully selected every ingredient in this solution and it has been one of the core cleaning products in our system since day-one.

Why Peroxide Over Bleach for Disinfecting and Sanitizing?

Peroxide is a safe, non-toxic, disinfecting agent that does the work of bleach without the harmful side effects. For our families, pets and the environment, there is not better alternative for disinfecting. For those with allergies, asthma or compromised immune systems, it is the only option and a necessity.

As an active ingredient, Peroxide is just water with an added oxygen molecule. When it breaks down, Peroxide turns into oxygen and water. Bleach, on the other hand, does not break down into an environmentally friendly base and has the ability to form even more toxic byproducts such as dioxin, furans and other organochlorines. When bleach gets on skin, it starts breaking down cells and can leave a chemical burn. Bleach is also a respiratory irritant, and can be fatal if swallowed by children or pets.


Our Peroxide Cleaner & Deodorizer cleans, degreases and eliminates odor-causing germs and bacteria on washable hard-surfaces in kitchen and bathrooms, laundry, exercise, play, sauna and steam rooms. Counter and table tops, sinks, metal faucets, door knobs, showers and toilets. It is safe for children and pet play surfaces, toys and mats and is also great as a carpet pre-spray! Spot test on a hidden area of a surface you are unsure of. Works best on protein stains.


We pride ourselves on transparency. We want our customers to feel safe with the products we use in their homes and businesses and we want to continuously be contributing to improving the environment. Below are the ingredients used to make our Peroxide Cleaner & Deodorizer:

  • Water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Alcohol Ethoxylate
  • Orange frangrance

Our cleaning products meet the highest standards set by environmental agencies!

Our commitment to you, your family and the environment is to leave your home thoughtfully clean – meaning we don’t just want to just leave your home clean but we want you to experience all of the benefits that can come with it such as peace of mind in the products being used.