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Cleaning Services in McKinney

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in McKinney

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Clean You can Feel Good About
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in McKinney

Safe for people,
pets and planet!
Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

  • Eco-friendly and all-natural.
  • Allergen and toxin free.
  • Color coded cleaning system that prevents cross contamination.
  • Cleaning products certified by Green Seal and EPA Safer Choice.

Trusted TeamEco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

  • Fully bonded and insured.
  • Professionally trained staff that is screened and authorized to work in the USA.
  • No independent contractors.
  • Trusted by thousands of families.

Cleaning Checklist
Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

  • Scientific cleaning method: 64-Point Checklist.
  • We bring all cleaning equipment and products to you.
  • We clean everything-from baseboards to ceiling fans.

ecomaids Cleaning Services in McKinney

A clean, fresh home can make a big difference in your quality of life. However, when hiring a company, you want one that's committed to greener, healthier cleaning. That's where ecomaids of McKinney-East Frisco can help. We offer green cleaning services across the McKinney, TX and Northern Collin County areas that will ensure your home shines, from top to bottom. Through it all, you never have to worry about toxic agents or irritating fragrances left behind on surfaces or in the air. We simply use 100% natural products that will give you peace of mind, guaranteed.

Locally Owned, Mission Driven Cleaning Service in McKinney

Many companies claim to offer green cleaning services, yet still use some products with harsh ingredients. These can be dangerous for your family and pets, particularly those with allergies. They can also cause harm to the environment as chemicals get dumped down the drain.

We do things differently at ecomaids of McKinney-East Frisco. We provide completely green cleaning services. With our team, you'll get products that are 100% free from allergens, dyes, and harmful chemicals. We also rely on eco-friendly methods, providing a completely safe cleaning service, from start to finish. You therefore don't have to worry about the safety of your home once we're done.

In addition to our commitment to green products, we use a careful, systematic approach to cleaning, one that's time-tested. It includes our 64-Point Checklist, which is categorized by room and color-coded by cloth to avoid the risk of cross-contamination from areas like the bathroom. It also helps to ensure we're reaching high corners, baseboards and everything in between, providing a more meticulous and consistent level of service across visits.

Get Started Today with a Healthier Cleaning Service in Your Home

When you choose ecomaids of McKinney-East Frisco's cleaning services, you can trust us to deliver a home that's greener and healthier in a way you feel good about. Our team is made up of in-house employees, not independent contractors, all of whom are bonded and insured. Our team members are also carefully screened and vetted before being hired, giving you confidence when they come to your home. It's just another reason so many families choose our cleaning service across the McKinney area and why you'll be thrilled with the end result when you do, too.

Call ecomaids of McKinney-East Frisco today at (469) 529-6975 for a quick and easy quote. We offer green cleaning services in McKinney, Frisco, Celina, Princeton, Anna, and other nearby areas in TX.

Locally Owned and Mission-Driven

At ecomaids, we provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions for all of your home cleaning needs. Our safe, natural cleaning products, and our thorough 64-point checklist leave your house looking spotless using only the safest products available. Call ecomaids of McKinney today to create your healthful home.