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The Holy Grail of Cleaning: Quality Products Meets Tactical Technique

Aside from my penchant for being the best cleaning service and the only one using eco-friendly products in the area, I love all things culinary. A little known fact is that I actually attended baking and pastry culinary school. From discovering the best cocktail concoctions to finding the best tasting dates, I constantly try new and different flavors both when I travel and at home in a never-ending quest to find and procure the best. This quest has taught me at least one important lesson: quality ingredients can make all the difference in the world.

For example, I always thought that I never cared for Scotch but when I was in Scotland, and able to sample their well-made libations, I became a believer. The key in developing terrific flavor is starting with quality ingredients. Thus, I’m constantly on the hunt for the best quality flavorings and mixers that result in sublime, unmatched end-products. And a lesson learned in culinary school and beyond is that no amount of fancy techniques, no matter how complex or impressive they are, can overcome poor ingredients (silk purse out of sow’s ear anyone?). That’s not to say that technique doesn’t matter –of course it does! Even with unparalleled ingredients, if they are mixed improperly or treated poorly, their quality is ruined and wasted. Thus, it seems that the magic formula is equal parts quality ingredients and perfected technique.

All natural, eco friendly cleaning products lined up neatly on a countertop

When I think about what drew me to ecomaids, it’s not far off from that holy grail culinary formula. As far as I know, ecomaids is the only cleaning service to list the products (read: quality and eco-friendly ingredients) we use on our website. That is, we are fully transparent about what we use to clean your home or business. Clients can check our “ingredients” for allergens and environmental suitability.

Quality “ingredients” and technique, though, need not be expensive nor fancy. One of our most indispensable products is the . . . drum roll please . . . microfiber cloth! They are the workhorse, the unsung hero of our best cleaning service. Among their many virtues, microfiber cloths remove germs (literally picks them up and removes them), clean computer screens, and even help remove grease around kitchen stoves. Needless to say, they are staples in our toolkit for ensuring that the homes and businesses we service are indeed spotless. We believe so fully in the power of the microfiber cloth that we gave away over 100 of them at an event hosted by the Claremont Chamber of Commerce! You can take my word for it, the microfiber cloth is one high quality ingredient that most definitely pays off.

Cleaning products lined up neatly on the counter. All natural and eco friendly products.

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Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

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Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

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Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

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