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Our House Cleaning Company in Claremont Identifies the Dirtiest Places in Your Home

There are many spaces in your home beyond the trash cans and toilets that are dirty. However, they tend to be far less conspicuous. It’s where ecomaids of Claremont-Rancho Cucamonga-Glendora comes in. We’re the local house cleaning company, serving Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, and other nearby areas in CA with knowledgeable and natural cleaning services. In fact, we take a unique approach […]

It’s About Time . . .

The saying “Time is money” is only partially true. Unlike money, time is not a renewable resource.  You can’t accumulate it or stockpile it like other commodities. And you can’t see it, hear it, touch, taste, or smell it. When time is gone, it’s gone for good. It is also an equal opportunity resource. Time […]

Hire Slow, Fire Fast: How Smart Hiring and Wise Firing Can Sustain a Business in Tough Times

Deliberate, Not Desperate. It’s easy and tempting, in this dearth of a labor market, to hire any warm body who submits an application and passes a background check. Trust me, I get employers’ fear and desperation. The worry that you’ll have to turn away business –Turn away business!– because you don’t have the employees to […]

Male maid cleaning a surface with proper safety equipment

Man Maid: The Curious Case Against Hiring Men as Cleaning Technicians

In many ways, my business is a microcosm of our larger society and its trials and tribulations. On a daily basis, even as a small business owner, I experience the very issues that make the nightly news. The workplace, my workplace in particular, is a nexus fraught with the same complex, often antagonistic, social issues […]

Inside and Out: Inner Messiness, Outer Organization

Have you ever been in a room so messy that you couldn’t think straight? Even with the best intentions, this can happen when our lives are chaotic. Inwardly, we are barely hanging on –whether it’s because we’re grief stricken over a loss, struggling emotionally with difficult situations, or simply overwhelmed by the demands of daily […]

A couple sitting near a seashore

Keeping the Peace: House Cleaning Services May Be Good for Your Marriage

To our good fortune and lots of hard work, we earn overwhelmingly high customer ratings. Generally, clients compliment our professionalism, effectiveness, and friendliness –all good things.  But in a recent review, Tori M. posted a rather puzzling comment.  Tori wrote, “I would go so far to say they [ecomaids of Claremont] have saved my marriage, […]

My Why

In an interesting study, psychologists gave research participants $5. Some were instructed to spend it on themselves while others were told to spend it on someone else. Guess which group reported being happier? That’s right . . . the group who spent the money on someone else! I can testify to that experience in my […]

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Letting Go of Difficult Clients

Arguably, the key to small business success is repeat customers, accomplished mainly by –let’s say it all together now –”keeping the customer happy.”  My business is no exception. I need customers as much as the next business owner. And my team and I work our tails off –sometimes bending over backwards –to make our clients […]

Mother’s Day: Cherish Mothers, Honor Yourself

“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” –G. D. Anderson Cherish Mothers Ever heard that saying “the toughest job you’ll ever love”?  Surely, they were talking about being a mom.  Despite women having more opportunities than ever, none of the responsibilities have […]

Spring Cleaning: Refresh and Renew Your Home and Yourself

“The flowers are blooming, the birds are serenading, and our house still feels like it’s stuck with winter blues.” – Sarah Aguirre   As much as I am (overly?) reliant on technology for getting things done and navigating my life, I still maintain a close, personal connection with the natural world. A non-negotiable part of […]

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Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

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Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

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