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Cleaning Services in Claremont

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Claremont

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Claremont

Safe for people,
pets and planet!
Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

  • Eco-friendly and all-natural.
  • Allergen and toxin free.
  • Color coded cleaning system that prevents cross contamination.
  • Cleaning products certified by Green Seal and EPA Safer Choice.

Trusted TeamEco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

  • Fully bonded and insured.
  • Professionally trained staff that is screened and authorized to work in the USA.
  • No independent contractors.
  • Trusted by thousands of families.

Cleaning Checklist
Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

  • Scientific cleaning method: 64-Point Checklist.
  • We bring all cleaning equipment and products to you.
  • We clean everything-from baseboards to ceiling fans.

ecomaids Cleaning Services in Claremont

At ecomaids of Claremont-Rancho Cucamonga-Glendora, we don't take a traditional approach to cleaning. We do things differently and, as a result, offer a healthier way to a cleaner home. In fact, with our cleaning service, available in Claremont, Glendora, and surrounding areas in CA, we provide 100% natural, eco-friendly cleaning services. This means no harsh cleaning agents, no scary fumes, and no dangerous chemicals dumped down the drain, ever. It's our commitment to you, your family, and our planet.

Locally Owned, Mission-Driven Cleaning Service in Claremont

At ecomaids of Claremont-Rancho Cucamonga-Glendora, we don't simply offer green cleaning as a service. It's all we do. It's part of our DNA and the reason we were founded. It's why we're so strict and thorough in our approach. We know there is a superior way to clean, one that doesn't leave behind suspected carcinogens, chlorine mutagens, dyes, and bleach. It simply requires the right products and a little more skill and effort.

With the cleaning service from ecomaids of Claremont-Rancho Cucamonga-Glendora, you'll get all that and more. We use products that aren't simply green, but also EPA Safer Choice® and Green Seal® certified. This means they've been evaluated carefully to ensure they're safe and sustainable. It also means you won't have to worry about anything irritating your family members or triggering allergies.

On top of that, we are more thoughtful about the way we clean. We even use a scientific, 64-Point Checklist that helps our cleaners reach everywhere, from light switches and door knobs to ceiling fan blades, baseboards, and even the top of your fridge. It guides them through each room, so no dirt or dust gets left behind.

When you choose our team, you'll also get cleaners you'll come to know and trust. These are in-house employees, never independent contractors, and a bonded and insured part of our team. They've also been trained rigorously in the art and science of green cleaning, so they will clean every inch of your home thoroughly and naturally. We even guarantee it.

Get Started Today with a Healthier Cleaning Service in Your Home

You don't have to worry about finding the time or energy to clean any longer. With ecomaids of Claremont-Rancho Cucamonga-Glendora, we'll handle all your cleaning jobs, large and small, through a range of services. We offer routine cleaning, deep cleaning, COVID-19 disinfection service, maid and housekeeping help, and more. We will personalize a plan that's a fit for you, so you get that green, healthy home you want and deserve.

Call ecomaids of Claremont-Rancho Cucamonga-Glendora today at (909) 870-0786 for a free quote. We offer green cleaning services in Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Glendora, Upland, La Verne, San Dimas, and other surrounding communities in CA. 

Locally Owned and Mission-Driven

At ecomaids, we provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions for all of your home cleaning needs. Our safe, natural cleaning products, and our thorough 64-point checklist leave your house looking spotless using only the safest products available. Call ecomaids of Claremont today to create your healthful home.