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Spring Cleaning: Refresh and Renew Your Home and Yourself

“The flowers are blooming, the birds are serenading, and our house still feels like it’s stuck with winter blues.”

Sarah Aguirre


As much as I am (overly?) reliant on technology for getting things done and navigating my life, I still maintain a close, personal connection with the natural world. A non-negotiable part of my morning routine is walking my dog, King, outside. It’s then that I greet the day and truly connect with myself and the natural world around me. It’s also at these times that I notice bit by bit, changes in the seasons.

Lately, I am aware of winter giving way to spring. The weather is warming up, people are coming out of their homes, and flowers are in full bloom.  It’s like watching the world slowly wake up and come alive again after a deep, dark sleep.

It’s no coincidence that spring is so closely associated with cleaning. After all, spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Even the earth is cleansed with rain. Flowers and trees begin again from a fresh, clean slate. As the earth renews itself, we are offered the opportunity to do the same. We can create that fresh, clean slate in our own homes whether it’s through culling our cluttered closets and donating the unwanted clothes to finally deep cleaning our kitchens (gunky stove tops –yikes!) or getting rid of the pile of pet hair on the couch.

To bring a little spring freshness into your own home, here’s a 3-step process that gives you that clean slate and a chance to start anew.

  • Start with a clean canvas . . . Begin by Deep Cleaning. Staying in more over the winter takes its toll on our homes. And every once in a while, we just need to give our homes a thorough scrubbing.  It’s like detailing your car but for your home.  Even if you just use our One time cleaning services, you’ll be able to devote extra time and energy to other springtime activities.
  • Out with the old . . . . Decide what needs to be let go. Say goodbye to items that are well past their prime or no longer give you joy.  There’s a great deal of satisfaction in this “purging” or letting go.  We let go of both the physical and mental clutter. Thank items for their usefulness and then send them on their way!
  • Spruce it up . . . Now that you’ve cleaned and cleared, ask yourself what needs your attention the most? Perhaps your bedroom is looking a little drab or your living room walls are not as inviting as they once were. Dedicate a bit of time to add and subtract to give your home a bit of joy and vibrancy.

The English language fails to accurately describe the newly clean, sparkling fresh room except for the expression of “AAAHHHHHHH.”  It’s almost as if we can deeply inhale clean air and begin with a fresh start.

Here’s to clean beginnings and fresh starts!

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