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Recently, I walked into an office, a prospective client, and I turned to my team lead and uttered, “I wouldn’t work for this company.” It was filthy. I was astounded that anyone could work in such an unkempt and grungy place. The appearance of your workplace not only affects client impressions, but it also sends a message to your employees. What does it say about your regard for your employees? What does it say about your own self-respect? Just like you take care of your own hygiene and appearance, so too are you obliged to take care of your company’s hygiene, making it conducive to work.

And workplaces get downright dirty, grimy, filthy, icky . . . Every time you touch your desk, keyboard, and phone, every time you open a door, go to the restroom, press an elevator button, and shake hands at work, you are gaining and giving germs, bacteria, and viruses. Did you know that there are 10 million bacteria on a typical office desk –400 more times than the back of a toilet seat (WebMD,

In a study where researchers planted an innocuous virus into a sample of volunteers at a workplace, by NOON –4 hours later– co-workers spread the virus to 50% of the work surfaces AND 50% of the co-workers had contracted the virus from those surfaces. Other than grossing us out, how does that affect you? Well, here are a few stats to put this impact in perspective:

  • 1 to 6: Number of workdays per year missed due to illness
  • $260 billion: Annual cost of missed work and lost productivity due to illness
  • 92%: Phones contaminated with bacteria such as staphylococci (illness causing bacteria)

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Now here’s a piece of irony in all of this: many organizations think the way to combat those issues is by using harsh chemicals. You know, the ones that burn your eyes and make you cough and sneeze. So essentially, they simply replace one type of unhealthy environment with another! Fortunately, eco-friendly or green cleaning uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly products and processes, offering the best of both worlds. Ecomaids’ products are non-toxic, plant based, and biodegradable. We want to eliminate unhealthy germs and not replace them with harsh chemicals. I also use eco-friendly practices as well –opting for water-based solutions and the miracle of micro-fiber clothes because they are reusable and do a better job rather than racking up a mountain of paper towels. And we use HEPA filters to make sure that we improve the air quality –removing allergens and dust from the air and surfaces.

My decision to work with an eco-friendly company wasn’t by accident. In fact, it’s wholly congruent with my personal values of living in an eco-friendly manner. In fact, I took my household to being paper-free within the span of a year!

And leaving the cleaning to the professionals is also good for business. If you hire someone for admin duties, you’re not spending your money well. Chances are they are not going to be good at cleaning bathrooms and they sure as sugar are not going to like it! By outsourcing your business to us, it means you can spend time on actual business operations –marketing, sales, making financial decisions, problem solving, and having employees do their actual jobs.

At the end of the day, you cannot bank time to bring it back later. I know for myself, if it’s not going to make me money, make me happy, or make me better, it’s not worth my doing it. I use my time on the things that have an impact and that I love to do.

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Save time. Save money. Save the environment.

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