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Keeping the Peace: House Cleaning Services May Be Good for Your Marriage

To our good fortune and lots of hard work, we earn overwhelmingly high customer ratings. Generally, clients compliment our professionalism, effectiveness, and friendliness –all good things.  But in a recent review, Tori M. posted a rather puzzling comment.  Tori wrote, “I would go so far to say they [ecomaids of Claremont] have saved my marriage, really.” She didn’t elaborate as to how using ecomaids of Claremont exactly saved her marriage, but research and a little imagination on the topic helped elucidate why that might be.

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A recent Yelp survey showed that 80% of couples fight about housework. Makes me wonder about the other 20% and what their secret is! Of the fights, the arguments seem to center on when, how, and who should do the housework to which the answers are likely to be “do it more often, do it better, and you [not me] should!” Furthermore, people actually admitted to creating excuses (ahem, lies?) so that they could get out of housework -”Uh, the boss just called and I have to stay late. Can you fold the laundry today?” And a majority of people apparently also admitted to “re-doing” the housecleaning that their spouse has already completed. Think refolding towels, rearranging dishes in the dishwasher, and re-making the bed –the “right” way, meaning my way. Raise your hand if you’ve ever resented your roommate or significant other for not pulling their fair share of the household chore weight. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Although our client did not go into detail about how our cleaning services exactly saved her marriage, with this research it’s pretty easy to imagine the reasons. Divvying up the labor of day to day chores can be a real source of tension in a household.  This is especially true when other stressors are present, such as long days at work, tending to children’s needs, financial concerns, health concerns, and just generally putting out the fires du jour.

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Resentment can be deadly in a relationship and can easily feed into criticism and contempt (2 of the 4 horsemen of unhappy relationships). Thus, hiring a home cleaning service can actually be good for your relationship for two reasons:  1) It means one less chore, commitment, and hassle you have stressing you out, allowing for quality time, rather than criticism time, with your significant other and 2) that area of resentment and criticism magically vanishes from your life (we are experts in the field and appreciate your feedback)! Although it cannot save all relationships, investing in our green cleaning services can go a long way to make your relationship a more pleasant one.

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