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The desire to help others succeed motivates just about everything I do, whether that means enlightening prospective clients to the possibility of chemical free homes, helping associates grow personally and professionally, or educating other business owners on how to better treat both employees and clients. That desire drives my current goal, to improve people’s homes and lives by sharing my mission of radically reducing chemicals and creating safe havens for our families. My motto is “helping families save time, money and the environment”. It’s why I ended up working with ecomaids, their goals are perfectly aligned with mine.

ecomaids of Claremont-Rancho Cucamonga-Glendora Mission Statement:

“Our Mission is to provide our clients peace of mind by our commitment to using only green cleaning methods & products.

By focusing on quality, consistency & integrity, we offer the value of time and healthy lifestyle without compromise.”

Chemicals have the potential to do more harm than good, even when used correctly, and living well is everyone’s right. We have the buying power to choose products or services to use, wear and consume that are free from any harmful chemicals. Many people think the only choices are either potentially dangerous products or safer products that don’t work as well.  Fortunately ecomaids is here to show you that you can have the best of both worlds.

Education inspires people to make healthy choices. When people know better, they can choose better. A small, conscious choice goes a long way. I would like to showcase a lifestyle that is based around a healthier way to clean, live and help protect our planet. I believe that good choices add up, and together we can create a cleaner, healthier world for all families, for generations to come.

I developed a reputation as an eco friendly mom early on, starting with the decision to use cloth diapers during the first year of raising our twins (Ben and Ava who will be turning 4 in July 8, 2022). Those of you who have dealt with cloth diapers know, that is what you call dedication! Then in July 2019, our household set a goal of completely eliminating the use of paper towels and table napkins. We were able to meet our goal and found that we don’t miss the wasteful paper products at all. Next was converting our home to use eco-friendly, non-toxic, chemical-free, all natural cleaning products in our home.  We have dramatically reduced the use of baby wipes, and saved significant amounts of money from no longer buying the following: all purpose cleaners, glass/window cleaner, harsh powder cleanser, floor gloss, toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant spray, stainless steel wipes, carpet odor eliminator, fabric softener, bleach, pet odor spray, clean & polish spray for furnitures, cotton balls, facial wipes and dish sponges.

I am a first generation immigrant. Family is everything to me. Work-life harmony, finding the flexibility and time to spend with family, is paramount. One thing we did in the past to give me more free time was to use a house cleaning woman who came once a week to clean.  However she continually challenged me on my ideas to simply use microfiber cloth and water to clean our house. Also, it took her all day to clean my home. Having a team to quickly clean my house once a week, without using dangerous chemicals, is a lifestyle that I value and am very grateful for. ecomaids of Claremont-Rancho Cucamonga-Glendora green cleaning service is what I needed back when we first hired a cleaner, and a luxury I will continue to love for years to come.  Ecomaids solved my own problems, and I look forward to being able to share with other families the lifestyle that I lead.

I consider myself an efficiency ninja. In the past I was a trusted advisor of a tax and financial company, where I worked for 19 years.  I could always be relied on to swiftly deliver solutions against exacting client problems and deadline situations. I manage Fortune 500 accounts, and worked with each client to set and drive the achievement of annual goals, and to quickly resolve tax and payroll issues. I enjoyed personally advocating for my clients in the toughest situations, and I brought unfailing resilience to every challenge. For me, “no” means “not today.” I strive to combine this fortitude with a warm, friendly approach to client service that allows me to secure repeat business and gain high-value referrals. The 19 years client service experience comes very handy in driving client success with ecomaids of Claremont-Rancho Cucamonga-Glendora.

In closing, if by owning ecomaids I can both educate families on how to live chemical free, and also serve as a model to other business owners that a company can treat both its clients and its employees with respect and dignity, then I will one day be able to retire knowing that my working life was well spent.  I hope some of you reading this blog now join me on my journey of trying to leave this planet better off than we received it.

ecomaids Values

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Promoting sustainable living

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Supporting our local communities

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Saving the planet, one spotless home at a time

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