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You want a total clean for your home, but you often feel overwhelmed by the long list of tasks that must be completed to achieve this level of cleanliness. Working with our cleaning service in San Antonio can relieve you of your cleaning responsibilities while providing better results than you’d get all on your own.

At ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park, we are proud to be known for our green cleaning philosophy and strict adherence to high standards of environmental sustainablity. However, local homeowners don’t only trust our cleaning service because we can help them live a greener lifestyle. They also know we work with a meticulous cleaning methodology that delivers comprehensive results for the different rooms in their homes.

How Our Cleaning Service Approaches Each Room in Your Home

Our strategic approach to detailed cleaning is summarized in our 64 Point Cleaning Checklist. This document acts as a guide for our cleaning crew and helps minimize the chance that any detail will escape our attention.

If you’d like to know more about the cleaning tasks covered on this checklist, here’s a quick overview of what we’ll do in some of the most important spaces in your home:

  • Bedrooms. We work to remove cobwebs and dust accumulation, vacuum with our high-tech HEPA filter vacuums, replace bed linens, wipe down high-touch doorknobs and light switches, and more.
  • Bathrooms. Our process includes scrubbing toilets and tiles, polishing the sink and mirrors, and ensuring these spaces are as fresh and sanitary as possible.
  • Common areas. We take an individualized approach to cleaning common spaces based on their function and the level of traffic they experience. For example, we can tidy up living rooms by dusting knick-knacks, vacuuming, cleaning window sills, and folding blankets.
  • Kitchen and dining area. Your kitchen will be ready for meal prep after we’ve cleaned the countertops, scrubbed the sink, polished the backsplash, and mopped the floors. Plus, we will clean dining room furniture so that you can enjoy a healthy space for family meals.

We’re Ready to Give Your Home in San Antonio a Detailed Clean!

Get started with our cleaning service to enjoy a home that’s been thoroughly cleaned. We proudly work in:

  • San Antonio
  • Shavano Park
  • Hollywood Park
  • Timberwood Park
  • Stone Oak
  • Fair Oaks Ranch
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Simply get in touch with ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park at (210) 963-5596 to learn more about our range of cleaning services for the San Antonio area!

There are so many places in your home that get grimy and dirty without you even realizing it. From the fronts of cabinets to door handles and light switches, these high-touch spots are often covered in filth. Let the team at ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park handle them all. We’re the local house cleaning company trusted in Shavano Park, San Antonio, and other nearby areas in TX for all-green products, a methodical 64-Point Checklist, and a team of highly trained technicians. We promise to get your whole home gleaming in a natural way, guaranteed.

Where Our Company Cleans in Your Home

Choosing ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park means a house cleaning company that knows how to clean in an eco-friendly way. Our team is trained in strict methods and techniques, all of which are better for your family and the earth.

In the process, our technicians follow a detailed 64-Point Checklist to ensure every service visit is thorough and consistent. It includes:

  • The hood over your oven and stovetop pans and rings
  • The kitchen sink, faucet, and sill over the sink
  • The fronts of cabinets and appliances, counters, and backsplashes
  • Bathtubs and showers, including tile and grout
  • Mirrors, towel racks, toilet paper holders, sinks, and faucets
  • Ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, picture frames, baseboards, and other areas covered in dust

The team from ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park will also tackle the large surfaces too, like the floors in your kitchen, family room, bathrooms and bedrooms. We’ll also get into all the corners and edges, so you can say good-bye to dust bunnies once and for all.

Let Our Cleaning Company Take Care of the Dirt in Your Shavano Park Area House

When it comes to the dirty work, hand it off to the professional house cleaning company trusted by so many local families: ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park. We use products that are tough on dirt, dust, grime, and grease, yet also safer and healthier for the people you love and the planet, too.

We’re ready to get your home clean and green in:

  • Shavano Park
  • San Antonio
  • Hollywood Park
  • Timberwood Park
  • Stone Oak
  • Fair Oaks Ranch
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park at (210) 963-5596 today if you’d like an estimate from our house cleaning company in Shavano Park, TX.

Are you selling your home, planning a big event, or in the midst of a remodel? Let ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park handle your cleaning needs. Our locally owned and operated house cleaning company, serving San Antonio, Shavano Park, and nearby areas in TX, is here for you with a range of specialty options you can count on. Whatever event is happening in your life, our team can clean in a way you love, using the 100% natural products and eco-friendly methods we’re known for.

Does Your House Need Extra Cleaning? Turn to Our Company

If you need more than a recurring cleaning from ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park, let us know. Many times, we have customers who would like extra attention in their kitchens and bathrooms. Since these high-traffic areas tend to quickly get messy, our fill-in services focus on them, giving them extra attention in between our regular cleaning visits.

We don’t stop there either. Our house cleaning company also offers a range of other options in our many service areas, like San Antonio, Timberwood Park, and nearby areas. These services include:

  • Cleaning for remodels and new builds. If you have just built a new home or are remodeling your existing one, our team will tackle the cleaning chores once the job is done. We use micro-fiber cloths and 4-Stage, HEPA-filter vacuums that trap dirt, dust, and debris, as well as allergen-free products to remove post-construction messes.
  • Vacation rental home cleaning. When you have a home you rent out, you need to have it cleaned in between bookings. Our company can handle it, changing the linens on the beds, folding bath towels, scrubbing and sanitizing the bathrooms and kitchen, and more.
  • Post-event cleaning. If you’re hosting an event in your home, it’s a lot of work. Let our team handle the cleaning once it’s over. We can mop, vacuum, dust, and polish, restoring cleanliness and order back to your home. Meanwhile, you can kick back and relax once the event is over.

Call Our House Cleaning Company in San Antonio Today!

Don’t let cleaning take away from time with your family or doing things you love. Instead, turn to the house cleaning company trusted across the San Antonio area for comprehensive services and an all-natural approach: ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park.

We can handle your cleaning needs, large and small, in:

  • San Antonio
  • Shavano Park
  • Timberwood Park
  • Stone Oak
  • Fair Oaks Ranch
  • Hollywood Park
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park at (210) 963-5596 today to learn more about our house cleaning company and the many services we offer in San Antonio, TX.

Want a home free from grease, dirt, dust, and grime – without the use of harsh chemicals? Call on ecomaids of Shavano Park-Hollywood Park-Timberwood Park. We offer 100% natural cleaning services for spotless homes without harsh, irritating chemicals. If, however, you’ve never worked with a green cleaning service in the San Antonio, TX area before, like ours, you might be wondering what to expect. Here’s a look at some of the frequent questions we get and our answers to each.

Is green cleaning really as effective as traditional cleaning?

Not all green cleaning services in the San Antonio area are the same. But with our team, you can rest assured our approach is all-natural and still effective. Our products are non-toxic, allergen-free, and EPA Safer Choice® and Green Seal® certified.

In addition, our approach is diligent, with our cleaners following a detailed 64-Point Checklist. When we clean, we even use equipment like our 4-Stage HEPA-filter vacuums and microfiber cloths to trap dust and reduce allergens in your home.

What is EPA Safer Choice and Green Seal certified?

These programs rigorously evaluate products to ensure they are not harmful to people, animals, and the environment. Their stamp of approval means you don’t have to worry about harsh, lingering fumes or scary chemicals left behind on surfaces. You also don’t have to wonder about what gets dumped down the drain once we’re done.

How can you ensure my home will be cleaned as thoroughly as a traditional approach?

Besides our room-by-room, color-coded checklist, we hire our cleaners as employees. They are bonded, insured, and carefully trained to meet our exacting standards. We don’t use outside contractors and only hire those who are professional, dependable, and fully authorized to work in the USA.

Get Started With Green Cleaning Services from Our San Antonio Team

If you have additional questions about our green cleaning services in San Antonio, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions and explain more about our many services. We can clean weekly or biweekly and even offer one-time cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in / move-out cleaning, and more. We also stand behind our work with a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee for added peace of mind.

Our green cleaning services are available in:

Call (210) 963-5596 today to get started or for a free estimate on our green cleaning service in San Antonio, TX.

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Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

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