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Deep Clean Options

Even a frequently cleaned home can benefit greatly from a professional deep clean. Usually, there are too many places around the home that require attention to clean them regularly. This often results in an accumulation of dust, grease and other build-up around the home, especially in areas that are cleaned less frequently. ecomaids Deep Clean Service provides a professional green clean for your home, giving you peace of mind that you will not only be having your home cleaned with our most extensive cleaning option but also that the products are safe for your family, animals and the environment.

Our Deep Clean Service option is an upgrade from our normal initial or recurring service visit option. The main difference received from upgrading to the Deep Clean Service option is the cleaning of the interior of items around the home, such as cabinet interiors, inside the oven and refrigerator. Here’s the full list of deep clean options:

  • Interior Oven
  • Interior Dishwasher
  • Interior Fridge
  • Interior Washing Machine
  • Interior Windows
  • Interior Glass Doors
  • Interior Blinds/Shutters
  • Interior Kitchen Cabinets
  • Detailed Couch Vacuuming
  • Housekeeping (like pick up toys, wash dishes, etc)

Service add-on options may vary by location

In addition to our Deep Clean Service option we also offer stand-alone deep clean add-ons that can be added to any ecomaids initial or recurring service visit. This is often the best option for those looking to have special attention given to specific areas in the home. Some of our most common deep clean add-on services are interior oven and interior refrigerator cleanings simply due to how easy it is for build-up to take place in these areas. As always, our deep clean add-on services consist of the use of only non-toxic, allergen-free cleaning methods and product and are always up to the highest green cleaning standards.

For more information about the ecomaids cleaning methods and options, see other services on this site, including the ecomaids 64 Point Cleaning Checklist.