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ecomaids 64-Point Checklist was created with quality cleaning for our customers in mind. The 64-Point Checklist helps give a clear, color-coded, visual layout of what each of our cleaning services cover. It also allows us to ensure your home is cleaned properly from top to bottom and from room to room. The 64-Point Checklist is a tool for our cleaning technicians and customers alike.

Do It Once, Do It Right

Our professional cleaning technicians are able to follow the 64-Point Checklist as they clean your home, so we can get the job done right the first time. We also take cleaning process a step further than most cleaning companies.

Color-Code System

At ecomaids we color code rooms on the checklist – blue for the bathrooms, green for the kitchen and yellow for the bedrooms and other common rooms. These colors show our cleaning technicians which color microfiber cloth to use in each area of your home which helps to avoid cross-contamination in your home during the cleaning visit. Using the same microfiber cloth in the bathroom and then in your bedroom can cause viruses and bacteria from the bathroom to enter your sleeping area and, in short, is not sanitary. The color coding system allows our cleaning technicians to have a clear cut guide to follow not only for areas to clean in each room but also which microfiber cloths to use in each room to avoid cross-contamination.

Work Smart

Using ecomaids 64-Point Checklist is easy! The checklist is broken down by room and by service type. ecomaids offers a Deep Clean Visit, Initial Service Visit and Recurring Service Visit. Just use the color-coded guide to see the specifics of what each of our services offer.

  • Interior Oven
  • Interior Dishwasher
  • Interior Fridge
  • Interior Washing Machine
  • Interior Windows

Ecomaids Values

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Promoting Sustainable Living

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Supporting Our Local Communities

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Saving The Planet, One Spotless Home At A Time

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

*Offer valid at participating franchise locations and only applies to first-time customers with purchase of a residential cleaning service. $150 discount includes $30 off first service & $10 off 12 bi-weekly cleaning services. Offers cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons, promotions or prior purchases. Certain restrictions apply

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