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Tired of endless dirty work in your home? Turn to the team who can handle it all: ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington. With our house cleaning company, serving New Hyde Park, Great Neck, and other nearby areas in NY, you’ll get technicians who know how to clean effectively and naturally. They’ll remove the dirt, dust and grime, giving you a healthier home to enjoy.

Where Our Company Cleans in Your Home

The dirtiest spots in your home aren’t always the toilets or trash cans. Instead, they’re often the door knobs, light switches, fronts of appliances, and cabinet knobs and pulls. At ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington, our house cleaning company will take care of all these and so many other spots.

Using our 64-Point Checklist, our cleaning professionals will carefully clean your whole home, top to bottom, including those dirty and often-missed areas like:

  • The hood over your stove and the stovetop pans and rings.
  • The kitchen sink and faucet, which can be covered with germs, like salmonella.
  • The bathroom sink and faucet, as well as the towel racks, toilet paper holders, bathtubs, showers, and toilets.
  • Ceiling fan blades, light switches, baseboards, and doorway trim.
  • Inside and outside the microwave, wiping away grease, grime, and splatter.

Besides these areas, we’ll clean counters, backsplashes, floors, and the rest of your home, getting surfaces, high and low, spotless. Our team only uses 100% green cleaning products that are tough on dirt and grime, yet healthier for your family. Our tools are even eco-friendly also, like our 4-Stage, HEPA-filter vacuums. These remove dust, dirt, and dander tracked in by people and pets, improving the air quality at the same time.

Let Our Cleaning Company Take Care of the Dirt in Your New Hyde Park Area House

If you’re ready for professional help cleaning your house, ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington is the cleaning company you can trust. We offer a team of in-house employees who are bonded, insured, and carefully trained in our green cleaning standards. Whether you want weekly cleaning, deep cleaning, or cleaning services after a home remodel, we’re ready to get to work in:

  • New Hyde Park
  • Great Neck
  • Mineola
  • Port Washington
  • Floral Park
  • Lake Success
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington at (516) 667-1456 today if you’d like an estimate from our house cleaning company in New Hyde Park, NY.

Choosing ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington means more than regular cleaning services. Our house cleaning company offers a variety of eco-friendly cleaning options designed for busy families in Great Neck, New Hyde Park, and other surrounding communities in NY.

Whether you’re moving, hosting a big occasion, remodeling, or building a new home, we’ve got all your cleaning needs covered. We can even rotate between rooms each time we visit, or provide fill-in cleaning for those high-traffic areas that get dirty fast. We’re here for you and your home – top to bottom – ensuring it’s always cleaned thoughtfully and naturally.

Does Your House Need Extra Cleaning? Turn to Our Company

Your cleaning needs can change throughout the year with life’s big events. That’s why, at ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington, our cleaning company offers many options to choose from to get and keep your house clean.

Our most popular is our fill-in cleaning service. This is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, so they are cleaned more frequently than the rest of your home. In between regular visits, we’ll come in to clean these areas only, giving them some extra attention to ensure they remain fresh and tidy.

In addition, you can turn to ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington for:

  • Cleaning after construction. Whether you just remodeled your home or built a new one, we can clean the dust and debris that’s likely settling on surfaces. We will use our HEPA-filter vacuums, micro-fiber cloths, and allergen-free cleaning products to leave your home immaculate.
  • Cleaning after an event. If you’re hosting an event at your home, the thought of cleaning up afterward might exhaust you. Instead, let our team come in and tackle the floors, bathrooms, dishes, and more, restoring order and calm to your home.
  • Cleaning before an open house. To appeal to potential buyers, your home must be clean and fresh, free from odors, dirt, and grime. Our cleaning technicians will deliver immaculate results through a careful approach that covers everything from showers and tubs to sinks, counters, floors, mirrors, the fronts of appliances, and more.

Call Our House Cleaning Company in Great Neck Today!

If you’re looking for a local house cleaning company with a comprehensive menu of services, call ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington. We’re ready to get to work in your home with customized services, 100% natural products, and eco-friendly techniques, all backed by a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee.

Our cleaning services are available in:

  • Great Neck
  • New Hyde Park
  • Port Washington
  • Mineola
  • Lake Success
  • Floral Park
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington at (516) 667-1456 today to learn more about our house cleaning company and the many services we offer in Great Neck, NY.

At ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington, green cleaning isn’t just what we do. It’s who we are. In fact, our mission is to offer 100% green cleaning services to our many happy customers across our community.

You might not know what to expect if you’ve never worked with a green cleaning service in Great Neck, New Hyde Park, or another nearby area. Here’s a look at some frequently asked questions and our answers to each. We invite you to contact our team if you have an additional inquiry.

How are your green cleaning services different from a traditional cleaner?

It’s simple, really. We don’t use products with toxins or allergens. They are free from dyes, perfumes, bleach, and other ingredients conventional companies use.

Is green cleaning as effective as regular cleaning?

Yes, you can expect all-natural cleanings that are also detailed and thorough. Our team follows a 64-Point Checklist to ensure we get to high corners, baseboards, floors, ceiling fan blades, and everything in between. We also use equipment, like our 4-Stage HEPA-filter vacuums that reduce allergens in your home.

How do you know your products are non-toxic?

We use products that are Green Seal® and EPA Safer Choice® certified. These well-known and trusted organizations evaluate and recommend products that are more sustainable for the environment and healthier for people and animals.

How do you ensure your green cleaning services are allergen-free?

Along with non-toxic, allergen-free products, we use other tools like microfiber cloths, which trap dust instead of spreading it around. Our 64-Point Checklist is color-coded to avoid cross-contamination. We also carefully select the cleaning professionals we hire and train them thoroughly. They work directly for our company and are bonded and insured for additional peace of mind.

Get Started With Green Cleaning Services from Our Great Neck Team

If you’re ready to experience the difference a green cleaning service can make, turn to ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington. We’re here for you with a team you can trust and an all-natural approach to the job. It’s the best of both worlds and why so many families choose us in:

Call (516) 667-1456 today to get started or for a free estimate on our green cleaning service in Great Neck, NY.

ecomaids providing house cleaning services in Great Neck.Is your home cluttered, messy, and dirty after a summer of activity? Let ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington get it back into shape. We can also keep it that way with our regular house cleaning services, offered across Great Neck, Floral Park, and nearby areas in NY. Our team will handle all the cleaning and scrubbing, so you can focus on your family and the new school year.

How Our Great Neck Area House Cleaning Team Can Help You

Once school starts, your calendar will fill up fast. It can be tricky to find the time to clean your home. Instead of stressing about it or running yourself ragged doing it yourself, let ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington help with our cleaning services.

We can clean your home at a frequency that works for you, ensuring we’re meeting your lifestyle and budget needs. We can also add on options when needed, like deep cleaning for areas such as inside your appliances and cabinets.

With ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington, you can always expect a thorough approach to house cleaning. We even follow a 64-Point Checklist during each visit. It’s color-coded and room-by-room, ensuring our team cleans your home from top to bottom, thoughtfully.

In addition, we use 100% natural products and eco-friendly methods in all of our services. This means there are never toxins or irritating fragrances left behind in the places where your kids eat, do school work, or play. Our services are also healthier for the environment thanks to products that are Green Seal® or EPA Safer Choice® certified.

Get a Free Estimate on Our House Cleaning Services

ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington is proud to make life easier for families with our green house cleaning services. We can handle everything from mopping and vacuuming to dusting and scrubbing, so you don’t have to. You’ll have more time, freedom, and energy to focus on what matters most: your family.

Get an easier school year ahead with professional house cleaning services from ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington, serving:

  • Great Neck
  • New Hyde Park
  • Port Washington
  • Floral Park
  • Mineola
  • Roslyn
  • Lake Success
  • And the surrounding area

If you’re ready to learn more about our house cleaning in Great Neck, NY, call ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington today at (516) 667-1456 for a free estimate.

A home that’s cleaned and sanitized is one that’s safer for you and your family. Let ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington help get it there. With our maid services, offered in Great Neck, New Hyde Park, and nearby areas in NY, we can wash, wipe, dust, and mop, using 100% natural products and eco-friendly methods. We’ll refresh your whole home, from top to bottom, so it looks and feels great. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals left behind.

At ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington, We Take Safety Seriously

For some companies, green cleaning is a trend. For us, it’s who we are and all we do. In fact, ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington was founded on eco-friendly, healthier cleaning and maid service principles. These are safer for your family and pets, as well as the environment. In fact, every cleaning product we use in your home is toxin- and fragrance-free, so our services never trigger allergies or irritate loved ones.

In addition, with our 64-Point Checklist, we’re careful about the way we clean. This is a color-coded guide our team uses to ensure they’re reaching all those areas that get grimy, like light switch plates and door knobs. It also ensures they scrub toilets, wipe mirrors and the fronts of appliances, sanitize counters, and more. On top of that, it helps them avoid spreading germs between areas like the bathroom and other spots in your home.

All of this is delivered by a team that follows strict safety measures, like wearing masks and disposable gloves during each visit and replacing the gloves after cleaning every bathroom. They’re also highly trained in green, eco-conscious cleaning, so you can rest assured your space is cleaned in a way that’s healthier. On top of that, they’re employees who are part of our bonded and insured team, so you can count on them to treat your home with care and respect.

Great Neck’s Choice for Maid Services That Put You First

Safety is top-of-mind during these pandemic days. However, at ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington, it’s always been a priority for our team, whether we’re delivering maid services, COVID-19 disinfection services, housekeeping help, or deep cleaning. Our mission is to clean in a way that’s healthier for people and the planet, protecting both in the process.

If you’re ready for a cleaning team who cares more, our services are available in:

  • Great Neck
  • New Hyde Park
  • Mineola
  • Port Washington
  • Lake Success
  • Floral Park
  • And other surrounding areas

Call ecomaids of New Hyde Park-Great Neck-Port Washington today at (516) 667-1456 for a free quote on our maid services in Great Neck, NY.

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