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Inside and Out: Inner Messiness, Outer Organization

Have you ever been in a room so messy that you couldn’t think straight? Even with the best intentions, this can happen when our lives are chaotic. Inwardly, we are barely hanging on –whether it’s because we’re grief stricken over a loss, struggling emotionally with difficult situations, or simply overwhelmed by the demands of daily life.  We barely have the energy to make it through the next hours, let alone the day itself. And it shows.

During those times of struggle, any energy we have is carefully spent on the things we must do: the next deadline, taking care of sick kids, sometimes just getting out of bed. We simply don’t have the time or energy to keep our environs neat and clean. And so we stop tidying up, putting away, and wiping down. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, our homes, cars, offices, and handbags become more crowded, cluttered, and chaotic. In short, our surroundings begin to reflect our internal messiness. They outwardly represent feeling out of control, our grief, sadness, and overwhelmingness.

Here’s a secret truth: our external environs both drive and reflect our own internal organization.  You may have even thought “This room is so messy, I can’t stand to be in it!” This happened to me during a busy time of the year when I found I could no longer bear to work in my office –it was out-of-control messy! But I was torn. Do I take precious time to clean and organize thereby forestalling my long list of to-do’s? Or, do I continue with the next project and deadline amidst the falling stacks of books and papers and lack of clean workspace? I finally realized that to effectively work, I had to organize my office first. I made the right decision. Creating an organized workspace gave me a greater sense of control and helped me feel less overwhelmed by the demands that faced me.

And that’s the good news. When we attend to the external organization, it can foster inner organization and peace. You’ve likely experienced that sense of calm and tranquility when you’ve walked into a newly clean room. The orderliness brings a sense of control, an assurance that we can cope with what comes our way. We are able to respond from a place of calm and order rather than react from a place of chaos and struggle.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being the best cleaning services is our ability to bring that gift to others –outward orderliness to provide an inward sense of peace and control –even for just a little while. We’ve had the privilege to do this for people who have lost loved ones and those overwhelmed with the demands of raising a young family. You can read some of their stories in our reviews and our corresponding sincere gratitude to support them during difficult times. If you are struggling or know someone who is, please consider gifting yourself or them with our amazing cleaning service. Sure, it does not solve difficult situations nor check off anything on your list.  But what it does do is provide greater inward order and sense of control to allow you to better handle life’s challenges.

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