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Why Green Cleaning?

By ecomaids of Portland on April 20, 2018

Re-prioritizing Free Time and Peace of Mind

Coming home to a clean and healthy home, and having the time to spend with what you love should not be a luxury. Owner of the local green cleaning service EcoMaids, Lindsay Dellasega, aims to make this high quality cleaning service accessible to all busy families and professionals in the greater Portland area.

For EcoMaids, Green Cleaning is more than using products that are less harmful to our environment; it’s about improving the quality of our indoor environment with highly effective cleaning products and methods, while minimizing its overall environmental impact. Beyond the exposure from breathing, eating, and other contact with cleaning agents in our homes, a truly green provider considers life-cycle impacts of chemical production and disposal, waste and water reduction, vulnerable populations, and sustainable sourcing.

Many people still don’t recognize the effectiveness of naturally derived cleaning agents and expect to smell the harsh chemicals to feel it is clean. Properly formulated, plant based cleaning agents leave your home clean and disinfected, without the residues and fumes. Often, the chemicals found in conventional cleaning products can be more dangerous than the dirt they’re intended to clean. For example, common surfactants are derived from petroleum, a non- renewable resource and toxic resource. Many of them have been banned in virtually all western nations except America.

Just as important as the consumer’s confidence in the toxin-free, plant-based cleaning products’ ability to clean and disinfect as well as the conventional products, is the means to apply them in our daily lives. EcoMaids caters to the new moms, busy professionals, and businesses that just don’t have the time to maintain a truly healthful space. With EcoMaids taking care of the dirty work, families can re-prioritize the quality of their lives, and spend their time with what matters most.

For more information, please contact Lindsay Dellasega of EcoMaids 503-908-0950; Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates and deals.

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