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Quality of Life is No Compromise

By ecomaids of Portland on April 20, 2018

My story is probably not much different from yours. Despite varying degrees of awareness and acceptance of the seemingly “necessary evils” in our lives, we all make choices everyday; influenced by our dominant priorities and values. I often felt the constraints of time and money seemed to limit my access to better choices. However, I realized, why should this be true? Sure, the local, organic food choices tend to cost more, but as we know, a bombarded immune system from pesticides, preservatives, and GMOs is also a cost. Spending quality time with family, friends, or for yourself has a cost, but spending time with stress or not having the energy to be present in the time spent with family certainly has a higher cost. Better choices are a matter of not compromising your values, and health and happiness should be accessible to everyone, without compromise.

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ecomaids of Portland

By ecomaids of Portland on November 9, 2013

EcoMaids® has been in the Portland area for three-and-a-half years, meeting needs that had not been precisely understood up to that point, and contributing robustly to our local economy.

It’s a great story, all the more impressive because, even in retrospect, it’s a stretch to understand the connections that made it possible.

Lindsay Dellasega, owner of EcoMaids, never dreamed she’d be where she is today. She didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur; nor an environmental activist; nor a trailblazing woman in the business world; nor even somebody who re-thinks housework. But she did recognize a good idea when she saw one. Now she employs 22 people and serves 300 clients, with more joining up every day, and she believes her new career is a perfect fit.

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