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Are your pets safe when you clean?

By ecomaids of Portland on April 20, 2018

If it’s not safe to use around your kids, then why should you use it around your pets?

I don’t want my pets exposed to toxic fumes or nasty chemical residue. As any cat owner will tell you, there’s only so much you can do to keep your cats off your freshly mopped kitchen floor. I’d rather they get only a little water and non-toxic soap on their paws instead of something with a poison control warning on it. And my dogs not only track in those outdoor toxins, but are just fine with licking them back up off the floor.

FACT: Animals have faster metabolism and smaller lungs than we do. This means that their bodies have to work harder to eliminate toxins commonly found in traditional home-cleaning products. Not only are your pets breathing them in more rapidly, but are in direct contact with them more frequently being close to the ground.

Green cleaning alternative: Beware of bleach! Bleach based products are not only corrosive to the surfaces they touch, but to our respiratory systems. The alternative is a mild peroxide dilution. Peroxide is an all-natural compound that kills germs just an effectively as bleach but without the harmful side effects.

Too busy to clean? Try ECOMAIDS! We use only Green Seal Certified products made with all natural, non-toxic ingredients. Safer for you and your pets!

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