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Don’t Take Our Word For It! Read Real-Life Examples of Families Who Love Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Our customers are our best advocates for how green cleaning can impact a family. These are just some of the success stories we have heard from people who have loved their spotless home after a trip from one of our ECOMAIDS.

"Other than the fact that I appreciate the "environment in mind" approach of ECOMAIDS, I like the performance very much.  The Tub and Tile cleaner is my favorite as I would normally use a bleach containing product for tough dirty grout lines; ECOMAIDS Tub and Tile cleaner does a better job than harsher products with less effort. Also, when used on sinks and toilets it leaves a protective coating that allows water and grime to bead up, keeping the area clean longer (saving my husband from a few more eye rolls). 
The surface cleaner is versatile as I use it sprayed and wiped on my granite counters as well on my wood surfaces with a dampened cloth. The glass cleaner left my windows shining, brightening my rooms, allowing me to appreciate a job done easier with the help of ECOMAIDS .
Meanwhile, I have been raving about the products to my Mom and gave her some to try. I will let you know what the toughest critic I know thinks.  You win her over and you have another loyal customer for life."

-Laura W. Staten Island, NY

"ECOMAIDS did a fantastic job. They were so, so thorough – really, my tub and shower have not been this clean since they day they were installed! They vacuumed, dusted, mopped, cleaned under the burners on my stove, cleaned off my ceiling fans, dusted my woodwork, and all the other things I never do."

- J.R Dayton, OH

"Your staff is doing a very good job and we appreciate how orderly and clean our atmosphere is every Monday morning after they have been here! Please relay to them that we really thank them for attending to detail and providing us with top-rate service!"

- Corporate Account Des Moines, IA

"I am EXTREMELY PLEASED!!!!! with the work your team did in my home. This is the kind of CLEAN house I was hoping for, and it was so wonderful to come home to such a sparkling, clean house after a busy Friday. I wasn’t here the whole time, but my son was here after I was gone, and I have to say that your team had two VERY hard, diligent workers. They were careful with the numerous knickknacks and decorative items we have (many antique) and they were very, very thorough. The services I received were of the highest quality anyone anywhere could ever expect. I am beyond pleased!!"

- Stephen O. Southern Suburbs, MN

"I have used ECOMAIDS four times now. I have had a cleaning service in the past and they refused to use natural products (even when I provided them) saying that they didn't work. ECOMAIDS has proven them wrong. I have young children and many pets and we are slobs (to be honest) and none of this seems to phase ECOMAIDS. I feel like I am getting a really good deal. "

- Wendy L Tinton Falls, NJ

"Please give my thanks to your crew that cleaned our apartment yesterday. I can't tell you how exciting it was to come home to a spotless apartment! I told my husband he was not allowed to touch anything - or sit on the furniture - because everything looked so nice!"

- Nicole E. Phoenix, AZ

"It's hard to keep up with all the chores at home, so I decided to try letting professionals come and do some house keeping. ECOMAIDS of Portland sent a team of two, who spent three hours cleaning my kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and living room from top-to-bottom. Literally! The staff arrived on time, asked and made sure of exactly what I hoped for/expected. Then they went straight to the task. They did such a wonderful job! The house was noticeably cleaner than if I had done the work. The best part was there wasn't any chemical scent in the air or residue of cleaning agents on any surface because ECOMAIDS uses non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and techniques. I didn't have any fear about letting my child crawl across the floor afterward. I recommend using ECOMAIDS to clean your living and/or working environment."

- Warren Woodstock, OR

"The house looks lovely. All of our ridiculous knickknacks are dusted, all the floors are free of pet fur and dirt and they just sparkle! I was particularly impressed with the job done in the kitchen; we use the kitchen a lot because we eat in a lot, but the ladies moved everything on the counter and on the floor and cleaned underneath everything! Thank you so much!! I'm not sure that my house has ever been this clean before!"

- Rochelle S. Durham, NC