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Your One Stop Site for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips, Tricks and Resources

We deliver the latest resources to help you in your efforts to live and work in a location that is cleaned using the best green cleaning methods. Take a look around our wealth of information compiled here in one easy to navigate space.

Residential Cleaning

  • Better Business Bureau:

    This website gives rankings of each ECOMAIDS franchise across the country. Through the Better Business Bureau rankings, you can be confident in the green cleaning crew that will make your home sparkle.

Green Commercial Cleaning

  • National Institute of Health:

    The National Institute of Health provides information on how the health of the public. They specifically publish research studies on commercial buildings and the importance of maintaining the health of the people who work and visit these facilities.

Why Green?

  • World Watch:

    World Watch is an environmentally friendly organization that gives important tips on how to live a greener lifestyle all around. They focus on easy ways people can make changes, and why these changes are important, so that they can do their part to help their community.

Green Cleaning Products

  • Green Seal:

    The Green Seal is one ECOMAIDS values on each of the products we use. This organization helps distinguish products that are sustainable. Through their seal of certification, consumers can have more confidence in the products they purchase.

Franchise Opportunity

  • American Association of Franchisees and Dealers:

    For our franchise owners we do everything we can to help them succeed but sometimes working with other franchisees in different industries can also help. This association is one that we recommend for our franchise owners to be a part of.