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Contribute to the Health of Your Employees with Green Cleaning Solutions for Your Office

You have enough to worry about when you are running a business and doing your job. Maintaining a healthy and hygienic office space should not be one of them. With eco-friendly commercial cleaning, you can keep your office sanitary while maintaining a workplace free of toxic and harsh chemicals. Let ECOMAIDS take the stress out of your commercial cleaning needs!

Through the use of our unique green cleaning products, your employees can not only see their offices sparkling with cleanliness but they can actually feel a difference.

Healthier Employees

Sick days put a strain not only on the person who is not feeling well but also on everyone else in the office. With the powerful, all-natural solutions used by ECOMAIDS, your office can be sanitized against infectious germs. When an ECOMAIDS-trained team cleans your office, your employees are left with better air quality, better health, and an overall better work environment. By delivering a workplace they can feel comfortable in, you can boost productivity and lower absentee rates.

Lower Your Overhead

Overhead costs eat away at business budgets and put a strain on monthly expense reports. With green cleaning from ECOMAIDS, you can lower your overall cleaning budget.

We do not stop our efforts to be eco-friendly with our cleaning products. Our focus on environmentally friendly cleaning extends to the amount of water and electricity we use while sanitizing your workspace. This can ultimately impact your monthly expenses and help you lower your operating costs.

Boost Your Image

Going green is trendy, and in today’s already strained economic times people have a higher level of respect for businesses that make the extra effort to protect the well-being of their communities. When you go green, you get bragging rights that make you a respected and trusted business. With green cleaning for your commercial space, you can boost your public image by protecting the environment in your office space.

The ECOMAIDS Promise

When your company chooses ECOMAIDS to clean your office and workspace, you get more than just a clean workspace sanitized with all-natural cleaning products. Our highly trained staff goes the extra mile to ensure that your office stays clean and green even after we have gone. We provide better employee training, stewardship, safer cleaning equipment and enhanced communications to help you maintain a green workspace each and every day.

Your office will feel the difference of a spotless and chemical-free workplace. Contact us today to find an ECOMAIDS franchise in your area and schedule a free consultation for your green commercial cleaning needs.