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Treat Your Family Right with Green Cleaning Products for Your Home

Your house seems clean enough. So why don’t you feel good putting in hours each week keeping it spotless and shiny?

Just as important as how often your home is cleaned is what is used to clean it. There are better ways to eliminate germs, dirt, and grime than by using harsh chemicals that can make your family sick and harm the environment where you live. With the ECOMAIDS commitment to using our own environmentally friendly cleaning products, we turn your space into a clean, sanitary and eco-friendly place to live, work and play.

The Green Seal of Approval

Our commitment to the environment and to the health of you and your family is emphasized with the Green Seal of Approval. Each and every one of the ECOMAIDS locations only uses certified environmentally–preferable products to clean your home or business. This means that the solutions used on your home have passed the required tests and have been determined by reputable environmentally friendly organizations to be non-toxic and friendly for use in your house or office.

ECOMAIDS is the only maid service to use an entire array of certified Green Seal products

We take our job of providing you an eco-friendly cleaning service that not only protects the environment but also the health of the people who live and work in the areas where we work. For this reason, you can expect never to see the following harmful chemicals in any of our eco-friendly products:

  • 2-Butixyethanol
  • Alkyphonl ethoxylates and their derivatives
  • Carcinogens
  • Ethelyne diaminetetraacetic acid or its derivatives
  • Formaldehyde donors
  • Heavy metals, lead, hexavalent chromium, or selenium, in their elemental form or compounds
  • More than 1 percent reactive chlorine compounds or active chlorine carriers
  • Mutagens
  • Optical brighteners
  • Ozone–depleting compounds
  • Phthalates
  • Reproductive toxins

Cloths, Mops, and More

Our family and people-friendly cleaning methods do not stop at the ingredients in our products. ECOMAIDS will use only environmentally friendly cleaning tools when cleaning your home or office. We rely exclusively on microfiber cloths and mops to do our cleaning. These specially made cloths use natural materials that are woven together in such a way that they absorb more oils and dirt than any other cleaning material.

Some items you will not see being used to clean your home are:

  • Feather dusters
  • Indoor brooms
  • Mop and bucket systems
  • Non–microfiber cloths
  • Paper for cleaning activities

To make our microfiber cloths even more effective, we use a specialized color-coded system to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between your rooms. This means your kitchen will never be cleaned with the same microfiber cloth that is used to clean a bathroom. We take a delicate approach to ensure that each area is cleaned with our color-coded system so that you get the cleanest area possible every time.

Clean Home and Clean Air

The air you breathe should be just as clean as the surface you touch. Therefore, we use vacuums with HEPA multi-level filtration systems. This keeps the dust and dirt particles from floating around in your home; instead, they are confined within the high-efficiency cleaning product.

Each of our products that we use passes rigorous testing and has received the CRI Seal of Approval or Green Label Certification. This means you are left with a completely clean home from the air to the surfaces each and every time.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you live a cleaner and more pure life with our certified green products.