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Why Green Cleaning? To Help Make Your Home and Community a Better Place!

Our philosophy is simple and it is one that is shared by thousands of homes and businesses across the globe: We do what we do simply because we want to make our homes and communities a better place to live.

When our team of eco-friendly cleaning crews enters your home or business, we not only leave your house or workspace spotless by using green cleaning products, but we—together with your commitment to green living—make a small contribution to the planet. Through this small contribution, you can help make your community just a little bit better for everyone.

Waste and Water Usage

Each of the products we use in your home requires minimal amounts of water. This means that your home is cleaned without waste of this valuable resource, or by dumping dangerous amounts of toxic chemicals down your drains and into your community. In addition, each of the tools we use to clean your home with—such as our microfiber towels—are reusable, so we do not dump excessive amounts of waste into your community’s landfills.

Once we have finished cleaning your home, we wash every single item using our high-efficiency washing machines. This means that even the cleaning process of the materials used to clean your home is environmentally friendly, using minimal water and energy to get the job done.

Special Considerations

We know that our toxin-free cleaning not only helps the environment, but it also helps people who are sensitive to certain chemicals live in a clean home without harm. Each of our ECOMAIDS crews is trained to follow specific procedures that will eliminate the risk of cross-contamination between homes or rooms. This is of particular importance for those clients of ours who need special care, such as pets, children, pregnant women, people with allergies, and others. If you have a special need, simply ask your ECOMAIDS representative to view the ingredients prior to cleaning so that you can feel confident that our solutions are safe and healthy for your home and family.

Sustainable Business Practices

Our commitment to helping the environment does not stop with the cleaning we do in your home or office. Each of our ECOMAIDS green cleaning franchise locations uses a paperless back office to help reduce unnecessary waste of paper. Only when we must use paper, we do so using only post–consumer recycled paper or FSC–certified paper. In addition, we drive environmentally friendly vehicles and live our daily lives—both at work and away from the business—using our green philosophy wherever we go.

When people ask us why we go green, the answer is simple. We do so to help create a better community for our customers and the people around them. If you are interested in learning more about how green cleaning can help your home or business, contact us today to for a free consultation.