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The ECOMAIDS System: Empowering Franchisees to Build Great Businesses


Empowering Entrepreneurs to Build Great Businesses



ECOMAIDS at the 2014 International Franchise Expo in New York City


Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship: The ECOMAIDS System and Business Platform

ECOMAIDS is the leading provider of environmentally responsible, non-toxic maid cleaning services for families and businesses throughout the country.  The ECOMAIDS franchise system is one of purpose driven entreprenurship focused on our one-of-a-kind brand, our systems for the delivery of exceptional services that improve the lives of our customers and the continued support and expansion of the ECOMAIDS business platform and system resources.

Our Mission:

(1)    To positively influence and improve the lives of our customers through healthy living principals and services;

(2)    To act with purpose and integrity and to always honor the commitments and promises that we make to our customers; and

(3)    To empower our franchisee partners to build great businesses, to change their lives and to influence their communities.

ECOMAIDS Franchise Opportunity Guide

Click on the image or here to download the ECOMAIDS Franchise Opportunity Guide

What Makes the ECOMAIDS Franchise Opportunity Unique:

Consumers know sincerity and they value brands that are driven by purpose. In the current marketplace where independent and franchise competitors view the green cleaning and healthy living principals innovated by ECOMAIDS as some "marketing driven add-on service" to be paid lip service, consumers are, more than ever, driven to the ECOMAIDS brand, platform and cleaning services. Why is that? Because consumers are sophisticated, they seek out services and products that add "value" to their lives and the lives of their families, and they know, from experience, that businesses that claim to be all things to all people rarely offer much in value.

The ECOMAIDS' mission is built into our brand and the integrity of innovating and offering our customers non-toxic, environmentally responsible cleaning services that are and will always remain at our core. 

Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship

"Your purpose must drive your business - not the reverse!".  

At ECOMAIDS we know that success does not come by accident and those that achieve business success are driven by a genuine purpose that drives what they do. Too often business owners get this backward and they start with a business that drives them, what they do and the purpose they serve - that is, they end up "working for their business" and lose sight of their own personal and business goals...they get swepted away. At ECOMAIDS our purpose is to advance entreprenurship, to improve the lives of our customers through exceptional services that change the cleaning paradim from toxic and harmful to effective and healthy and to afford our franchisee partners with a system and platform for improving their lives.

What drives you?  

What are your goals?  

Is ECOMAIDS the Business Opprotunity that Will

Drive You Toward the Achievement of Your Personal and Business Goals?

These are important questions that are personal to you and you owe it to yourself to give these questions careful consideration. Remember, starting with the end in mind (your purpose) is critical. Consider what you would like in your life, what your ideal business would look like and how your business (possibly an ECOMAIDS business) can serve your personal goals. These are all questions that you must answer but to give you better insight into our goals and whether or not we may be a good fit. Let's discuss the franchise partners that we will be aligning ourselves with.

At ECOMAIDS we are looking for :

...franchisee partners that are driven to make a difference, who unserstand that success does not come by chance, that hard work - without more - is never enough, and that to build a great business he or she must start with the end in mind, build relationships focused on "adding value" and to act from a desire and goal to improve their lives, the lives of their family members and the lives of their customers through the establishment, development and operation of a disciplined ECOMAIDS business...

Industry Leading Services and Products

Just offering a great service is not enough. At ECOMAIDS our brand and mission extends to the lives of our customers and to improve their lives in a meaningful way. Our non-toxic, healthy living principals are not some marketing gimmick or branding "add on" but are at the core of our brand and the reason that we exist. The ECOMAIDS brand, the ECOMAIDS 64 Point Sanitized Home Checklist and Certification and our marketing systems focused on our franchisee partners represent the very best in the industry.

The Plus Factor: Residential + Commercial

This is a big plus and a great opportunity that our franchisee partners deserve. As a franchisee partner you will be granted an operating territory that includes both residential and commercial customers. Unlike many other cleaning franchises that "break-up" the market and allow you to only service residential or commercial customers within the same territory, we believe that your opportunities within your territory should not be limited to the residential market. As an ECOMAIDS franchisee the exclusivity of your operating territory will also extend to the many businesses in your territory. Consider the local schools, instructional centers that could benefit from and would be glad to promote that their facilities are cleaned by "ECOMAIDS".

The Ground Floor in Establishing a Great Business

The opportunity and markets are out there and, in many ways, although ECOMAIDS is an innovator in this industry and has been around for some time, our expansion is just getting started. Learn more about our company - Thoughts Are Things Franchising, LLC - and why for over two years we decided to not sell franchises. Download the information packet below learn about our story - and possibly your future opportunity - from our President, Charles N. Internicola.

A Completely Manageable Investment

Building a business requires the commitment of capital and time. Fortunately, establishing an ECOMAIDS business requires an extremely manageable investment. We don't play games with small territories and our estimated initial investment ranges from $119,750 to $166,300.

Compare our estimate to compitition (even if they "seem" lower), compare our territory size and consider that our estimates include equipment, ECOMAIDS leased vehicle, $15,000 for your own initial marketing and your own reserves of $30,000 to $50,000.

*Please be sure to review the ECOMAIDS Franchise Disclosure Document to review, in detail, Item 7 estimated startup expenses.

Competitve Royalty Structure

Most competitive royalty structure in the industry.

Our long term strategy is all about win-win, as your business grows, our royalty rates decline and margins grow.

Portion of Annualized Weekly Gross Sales Royalty Fee Percentange Applicable to Weekly Gross Sales
Less than $500,000 5.75%
$500,000 to $999,999.99 5.25%
$1,000,000 to $1,499,999.99 4.50%
$1,500,000 to $1,999,999.99 3.95%
$2,000,000 and greater 3.50%

LEARN MORE  - To learn more about the ECOMAIDS franchise opportunity, complete the form below or feel free to give us a call at 1-800-ECOMAIDS (1-800-326-6243). We will be glad to send you an information package and our Franchise Disclosure Document.


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NOTE: An ECOMAIDS franchise offering can only be made subsequent to the disclosure of an ECOMAIDS FDD. If you would like more information about buying an ECOMAIDS franchise, please complete the form below. An offer to sell a franchise can only be made by prospectus only.