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Why ECOMAIDS makes the Perfect Housewarming Gift | GIFT FOR NEW HOME


Your brother, sister or best friend has invited you to their housewarming. Of course you are overjoyed for them. Now, what do you get them for a house-warming gift?


Be original! Stand out among all the coffee pots, wine toppers and vanilla candles. Give them the gift of an ECOMAIDS gift card (which will also be the starter piece to the new herb garden). All of our ECOMAIDS gift cards are packaged in a “seeded paper” gift cardholders that grow fresh herbs when planted.


We have 3 great options to purchase your perfect House Warming Gift:


“The Gift That Grows” gift cardholder:


PREMIUM SEEDED PAPER PACKAGING - Included With Every Gift Card Purchase - When you purchase an ECOMAIDS gift card, your gift will arrive in a beautiful colored "seeded" envelope.  The envelope itself has the look of premium parchment but is completely biodegradable and, best of all, contains seeds to grow herbs.  All that needs to be done is to plant the packaging in a pot and water.  Each seeded envelope is wrapped in a green ribbon and is sealed with our beautiful "ECOMAIDS 64 Point Sanitized Home Certification" Seal.  



Premium Gift Card Box (+5.95):


A beautiful gift box (made from renewable materials) that contains the ECOMAIDS logo and is wrapped with a beautiful green ribbon!! Our premium event box is a favorite for house-warmings, bridal showers, wedding showers and all special events.


Virtual E-Gift Cards:


For The Ultimate Environmentalist in your life, or for those times you forget (Whoops!) that you had to pick up a gift, our Virtual E-Cards will be there for you. Our E-Cards will be comprised of a beautiful email notification. Your recipient will receive an email notification from us, explaining them of your great gift. **Delivered within one business day**