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The "Regular" Service Visit

The ECOMAIDS "Regular" Service Visit:

"The secret for maintaining a spotless and healthy home..." 

The ECOMAIDS Regular Service Vist is the core component of the ECOMAIDS 64 Point Sanitized Home Certification and is our most popular service option. The Regular Service visit option is only for our existing customers and is the service visit or visits that follow our "Initial Service Visit" or "Deep Cleaning Service Visit". So after we establish a thoroughly clean baseline in your home and bring your home up to the ECOMAIDS green cleaning standards, our followup service is comprised of our Regular Service Visits. These visits will assist you in maintaining a healthy, clean home and ensuring that your cleaning program stays on track and free of harmful toxins.

Completely Customizable By You 

The best part about our Regular Service Visits is that they are completely customized by you. That is, there are no contracts and you determine the frequency and extent of services as you determine based on our 64 Point Cleaning Checklist. Benefits include:

  • No Contracts - You are not obligated to sign any contracts and you are free to customize, modify and cancel your service at any time and for any reason. 
  • Completely Customizible - you decide the frequency of your Regular Service Visits. That is, based on your needs, your Regular Service visits may be weekly, bi-weekly and even monthly.
  • Part of our 64 Point Certification - during our Regular Service Visits we reenforce the healthy toxin free cleaning standards that will leave your home spotless and clean.