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The "Initial Service Visit" for Your Home

An Excellent Starting Point for New Customers and Those That Just Need a Boost

Our "Initial Service Visit" is an excellent starting point for new customers who wish to achieve a spotless clean home and to introduce healthy green cleaning standards into their homes. Following our Initial Service Visit, many customers follow-up with our recurring service visits and structure these recurring visits based on their individual schedules and needs, whether on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Of course, there are no contracts or continuing obligations and you are always welcome to utilize our Initial Service Visit as a one-time option during those times where you just need a boost and some assistance - especially following holidays, events and, even, to address allergy and asthma sensitivities.

A Spotless Clean Home and the Introduction of a Non-Toxic, Allergen Free, Healthy Living Standard for Your Family

During our Initial Service Visit we thoroughly clean your home, paying careful attention to those sometimes neglected cleaning tasks requiring thorough scrubbing, floor work, dusting, hand wiping and sanitizing.  We bring your home up to “green cleaning standards” with our ECOMAIDS line of non-toxic, allergen free, cleaning products, our sanitized color-coded micro-fiber cloths, our HEPA filtered vacuums and our highly trained green cleaning technicians.

  • This is a great program to get started with ECOMAIDS, to introduce healthy, yet highly effective, green cleaning standards into your home.
  • ​This program is excellent if, for right now, you are only interested in a one-time visit or semi-annual cleaning.
  • ​The program is a part of the ECOMAIDS 64 Point Sanitized Home Certification.  What does this mean? Well, it means that before we leave your home we will ensure that we have thoroughly cleaned your home and have thoroughly green cleaned and sanitized every item on our one-of-a kind color-coded checklist. You can see an image of the ECOMAIDS 64 Point Checklist (the one we will use and follow in your home), below.

​​It is important to know that our Initial Service Visits are part of and follow our 64 Point Sanitized Home Certification cleaning process – that is, we cover everything in the "Initial Service Visit" section of our 64 Point Checklist. However, we are always glad to provide a specific and customized quote as to the pricing of our Initial Service Visit based on your specific needs and the requirements of your home.  Generally, our  standard Initial Service Visit includes services to following rooms and areas: kitchen, living room, dining room, entry, hallway stairs, one bedroom and one bathroom.  

What Happens After Your Initial Service Visit - That's Completely Up to You

Following our Initial Service Visit, at ECOMAIDS, our remaining task is to follow up with you and ensure your complete satisfaction and a "job well done".  After that, it is all up to you. We require no contracts and are always glad to set up a customized program of Regular Service Visits around a schedule and regimen - whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly... - that works for you.

Options, Upgrades and Flexibility to Fit Your Needs 

Based on your preferences and needs, we frequently customize cleaning programs for our customers. Also, frequently requested upgrades to Initial Service Visit option includes: washing of interior windows (we can clean exterior only if windows fold in), dusting of blinds, vacuuming furniture, washing walls, cleaning interior of appliances and cleaning interior of cabinets, drawers and vanities.

Other Service Offerings 

For certain circumstances like major events, a new home, family additions (both of the child and four-legged variety), specific allergy and asthma concerns and to obtain the most top to bottom corner to corner cleaning (including your applicances), you may also consider our "Deep Cleaning Service Visit".

The ECOMAIDS Industry Leading 64 Point Checklist - Part of Our Sanitized Home Certification (Click here for a larger, printable, version of the 64 Point Residential Cleaning Checklist)