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Five Tips for Removing Dust with Green Products

Dust is a common sight in many homes. These tiny particles can do more than simply make a surface look unkempt. They can also affect the quality of air we breathe, which can trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. For this reason, keeping your home dust-free using environmentally friendly products can be essential.

Here are five ways you can help remove dust from your home and keep your family breathing cleaner air:

  1. Change out the air filters regularly. You should regularly be changing the air filters in your home heating and air conditioning system, in order to remove the dust that the filters have captured. Failure to change filters regularly means your ventilation system can blow out dust each time it turns on. Change the filters to help your home stay cleaner.
  2. Change your sheets. Your bedding can also be a source of dust accumulation. This can impact the quality of your sleep, since your face is so close to the dust. By changing out your sheets once a week you will breathe easier. For added cleanliness, use the allergen cycle on your high-efficiency washing machine to remove dust particles even better.
  3. Avoid closet clutter. By keeping your closets clear of clutter, you can avoid particles building up behind unmoved shoes and clothes. These dust particles are harder to see and reach when cleaning, so keeping the floors clear can help you to remove dust more easily.
  4. Vacuum regularly. To improve the air quality in your home, you need to vacuum regularly. Use a high efficiency vacuum—such as the one used at ECOMAIDS—to trap the dust particles so that they stay in the vacuum and do not get released back into the air.
  5. Dust in the right way. Dusting is an obvious way to get rid of particles in your home, but to do it right, you must use the right eco-friendly materials. The best we have found are microfibers, which are environmentally friendly while also being the best at cleaning.

When you are looking for easy ways to remove dust from your home, try these tips. You will eliminate the amount of dust put into the air in your house and make it easier to clean the spaces that are likely to accumulate dust.