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Three Ways to Save Money by Making Your Home Environmentally Friendly

For many homeowners, the idea of changing their lifestyle to help the environment sounds ideal, but it also sounds expensive. This can be a big reason why some people choose to continue living in a manner that is not necessarily bad for the environment, but is also not an eco-friendly way to live. But in many cases, living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle can actually save families more money, especially over the long run.

The following are three ways you can save money while doing your part to help the community around you.

  1. Lower the amount of energy you use. Simple things, such as lowering your thermostat or unplugging electronics when they are not in use, can have a dramatic impact on your monthly energy bill. It also helps to lower the amount of electricity your home requires, which can help the environment and your community as well.
  2. Use less water.  While this sounds attractive, many people love their showers in the morning or at night. However, making the switch to a high-efficiency showerhead is cost effective and can help you save more water—which ultimately impacts your monthly bill—without reducing the quality of your shower. Other water-saving options include adding an aerator to faucets and using rainwater instead of tap water for your houseplants.
  3. Reduce your reliance on gasoline. If you live within a few miles of your workplace, taking a bike to work instead of driving can save your home quite a bit of money each month. You can also do as many ECOMAIDS crews do, and carpool to work to help save money on fuel. No matter how you do it, using less gas helps the environment and can help your budget.

For more information on how you can help your family live a green lifestyle, contact an ECOMAIDS location in your area.