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Recently, the federal government has reported that environmentally friendly products are preferred because they have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment. When compared with leading consumer’s products such as Windex, it is found that eco-friendly products can produce the same effective result.

Today, green cleaning companies such as ECOMAIDS, employ practices that promote health, safety and social consciousness. They also include the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are certified by organizations such as Green Seal. We are proud to report that our ECOMAIDS “green” cleaning products do not contain 2-BE (2-butoxyethanol), a chemical classified as “harmful” and one that can be absorbed through the skin.  A critical result in direct use with 2-BE is haematoxicity, which is the destruction of red blood cells. Leading consumer products such as Windex contain this chemical ingredient.

So the question is, why use products that contain this chemical…at ECOMAIDS we never will.

Don’t put you, your family, or your pet at risk.


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