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The Gift of Time and a Spotless Home The ECOMAIDS Gift Card

With the ECOMAIDS Gift Card, you can give your family and friends the gift of "time" and a "spotles clean home". ECOMAIDS gift cards come in environmentally responsible premium packaging including colorful "seeded" envelopes that, when planted, grow herbs and, for those larger occasions, the ECOMAIDS gift card comes in a beautiful branded box made of renewable materials.

Our customers have found the ECOMAIDS gift cards as great "premium" gifts for Mothers Day, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, New Moms, Weddings, Birthdays, New Homes and many other occasions. ECOMAIDS premium packaged gift cards are also great business gifts, and great premium incentive offerings for your employees and customers. 

Best of all, you select the type of gift card packaing best for you.  We offer three ECOMAIDS gift card options:

  • (OPTION 1) PREMIUM SEEDED PAPER PACKAGING - (Included With Every Gift Card Purchase - Unless you select a "virtual" Gift Card or upgrade to a special event box).  When you purchase an ECOMAIDS gift card, your gift will arrive in a beautiful colored "seeded" envelope.  The envelope itself has the look of premium parchment but is completely biodegradable and, best of all, contains seeds to grow herbs.  All that needs to be done is to plant the packaging in a pot and water.  Each seeded envelope is wrapped in a green ribbon and is sealed with our beautiful "ECOMAIDS 64 Point Sanitized Home Certification" Seal.  

PURCHASE NOW (Seeded Paper Packaging): To Purchase an ECOMAIDS Gift Card with our Seeded Paper Packaging at no additional charge, click here for our Online order form or call us at 1-800-ECOMAIDS.


  • (OPTION 2) UPGRADED SPECIAL EVENT BOX - (Requires a small additional fee) - For those special "big" events or those events where you want to make an even greater impression, you may have your ECOMAIDS gift card packaged in a beautiful gift box (made from renewable materials) that imprinted with  the ECOMAIDS logo . Our premium event box is a favorite for bridal showers, wedding showers and other special events.

PURCHASE NOW (Special Event Box): To Purchase an ECOMAIDS Gift Card with our Special Event Box at an additional charge of only $5.95, click here for our Online order form or call us at 1-800-ECOMAIDS.


  • (OPTION 3) VIRTUAL GIFT CARD -   (Email notification only) When the thought and gift of an ECOMAIDS spotless home by itself is enough, our "virtual gift cards" comprised of a beautiful email notification is the ultimate in environmentally sensitive and responsible gifts.  Your recipient will receive an email notification from us, explaining them of your great gift. 

PURCHASE NOW (Virtual Gift Card): To Purchase a "virtual" ECOMAIDS Gift Card  - remember this is a "virtual" card comprised of an email with a valid non-printed gift card authorization click here for our Online order form or call us at 1-800-ECOMAIDS.