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Ten Ways to Clean Your Home Using Lemon Juice

  1. For Cleaning Faucets: mix lemon juice and salt together on a microfiber cloth and wipe until shiny.
  2. For Cleaning a Cutting Board: mix lemon juice and salt together and wipe clean.
  3. For Cleaning Shower Grout: mix one part white distilled vinegar, one part baking soda and one part lemon juice to form a paste. Apply the paste to shower grout and scrub with a toothbrush or a stiff bristled brush until clean. Then rinse off the areas with water.
  4. For Cleaning and deodorizing a Microwave: take a cup that is three quarters of the way full with water and add two tablespoons of lemon juice to it. Then place the cup in the microwave and heat it to a boil. Let it sit for ten minutes without opening the door. Finally just wipe away food particles with a microfiber cloth until dry.
  5. For Cleaning Plastic Storage Containers: soak plastic containers in a mixture of part lemon juice and part water. Then add baking soda and then scrub.  After that rinse and dry.
  6. For Fighting Grease Stains: just add a few drops of lemon juice to dish soap. This will boost the dish soaps ability to fight off grease.
  7. For Odor Absorbing: place half a lemon in the refrigerator and change it once a week.
  8. For Brightening Fabrics: soak clothes in a mixture of half a cup of lemon juice and one gallon of hot water. Once the clothes are fully soaked proceed to wash them as normal.
  9. For Window and Glass Cleaner: take one part lemon juice and one part water in a spray bottle, spray windows and glass, then wipe clean with microfiber cloth.
  10. For Cleaning Earrings: soak earring in a small contain filled with lemon juice.

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