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Why does ECOMAIDS put such a strong emphasis on green cleaning and living?


The founder of ECOMAIDS was an expectant mom who wanted to do what she could to make sure her child lived in a sparkling clean home free from harsh chemicals. To do this, she created all-natural cleaning solutions that sanitized her home and left it looking great.

She quickly realized she could dispose of all cleaning products that leave behind residue that could harm her family. From there, she continued her determination to help not only her family, but also the community where she lived through eco-friendly cleaning and living. This is how she came up with the idea to start ECOMAIDS.

At ECOMAIDS, we are passionate about living a lifestyle that will encourage people to help the environment and help their family at the same time. Through green cleaning, we hope to build a standing in communities around the country that show our dedication to their long-term wellbeing. Here’s how:

  • Using fewer resources. We do not want to drain your neighborhood of resources every time we step foot inside to give your home a thorough cleaning.
  • Protecting your health. We know that harsh chemicals can have a negative impact on the health of children, pregnant women, pets, and others. ECOMAIDS will always avoid using toxic cleaning compounds and dangerous solutions in its operations.
  • Relying on sustainable business practices. We want to leave the community where we also live and work a better place, which is why our green philosophy does not stop at cleaning your home but extends into all areas of our business.

If you want to learn more about why living a green lifestyle is so important to us, contact the ECOMAIDS location in your area today for more information.