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What type of support will I receive as an ECOMAIDS green cleaning franchisee?


At ECOMAIDS, we know that a strong support system is crucial to your success as a franchise owner. For that reason, we have designed a number of ways that our franchisees can get the help they need from our expansive network.

  • Regular conference calls with all franchise owners. We believe that sharing ideas and hearing other success stories can help fuel your franchise. With our regular conference calls, you will have the opportunity to discuss with other ECOMAIDS franchise owners and get new ideas, as well as share your own experiences. This type of networking is important to the growth of your business, which is why we regularly hold meetings that can help you be more successful.
  • Access to eco-friendly cleaning resources. When you hit the market selling your new ECOMAIDS services, your new customers will have a lot of questions for you. To be successful you want to answer those inquires fast—and that means you need to be able to give your prospects the quick response they want. At ECOMAIDS, we are constantly providing our franchise owners with information on the latest developments in environmentally friendly cleaning and living.
  • Business resources beyond the basics. If you are new to the world of being a franchisee, you will undoubtedly have other questions and needs beyond just the initial startup. To help, we provide our franchise owners with access to other resources to help them grow and be successful.

For more information on how we can help you get started and be successful in your eco-friendly cleaning franchise, contact ECOMAIDS today for a free consultation.