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What specifically makes ECOMAIDS a commercial green cleaning service?


A number of companies claim to be environmentally friendly these days—and while most are, some are not. Because of this, many people ask us what exactly it is that makes us able to call ourselves green. The easy answer is that the eco-friendly mentality permeates our way of doing business. To break it down, here are specific areas where we are truly a green cleaning service for businesses around the country.

  • All-natural cleaning products. First and foremost we use only cleaning products that are safe for the environment, and in turn safer for you and your employees. With our all-natural specialized solutions, we can ensure that your common areas and offices are sanitized against illness-causing germs. But more importantly, we are able to ensure that there will be no harsh chemicals left behind to make your employees or the environment sick from toxicity.
  • Environmentally friendly equipment. When we enter any workplace, whether it is a home or office, we use indoor-only shoes. This stops us from dragging in outside agents that can be harmful to your indoor areas. Then, as we clean we use microfiber cloths to pick up the dirt. With a color-coded system we ensure that there is no cross-contamination between rooms that might cause you to be sick from germs brought in from other unsanitary locations. Finally, we use green vacuums that leave your office air quality far cleaner and better for your lungs than when it is sprayed with harmful chemical solutions.
  • Green cleaning practices. Our green cleaning does not stop at the materials we use. We also help your business and our communities by using only the resources necessary to get the sanitary space you need. This includes using less water and less electricity than standard janitorial services.

If your business is ready to go green, start by using environmentally friendly cleaning services from ECOMAIDS. Contact your local franchise for pricing and schedule information.