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How does ECOMAIDS get Green Seal certified for eco-friendly cleaning?


We are proud to be the only professional maid service that exclusively uses Green Seal Certified products in your home or business. These products go through a rigorous evaluation to be determined eco-friendly. In order for ECOMAIDS to get this valued seal of approval, we submitted our application for Green Seal to evaluate our services and products to deem them acceptable for your home. This third-party approval shows the extra effort we have taken to ensure we use and deliver only the best environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for your family.

To get this seal of approval, ECOMAIDS went through the following review process:

  1. Evaluation. We first submitted all the required materials—including ingredient lists and more—to be evaluated for their environmentally friendly components.
  2. On-Site Audit. Next, we showed off our manufacturing and service facilities to an auditor who specializes in determining whether a business is eco-friendly.
  3. Ongoing Evaluation. Once we received Green Seal certification, we were not finished. We continue to go through regular maintenance of our certification and evaluations of the practices we still use.

We believe that getting this seal of approval is important not only for us but also for our customers. It allows us to use a third-party organization to show that we can stand by our commitment to your home and family. You can trust what we use in your home or business because it has been certified by an organization with special expertise on toxin-free green products.

Contact us at (800) ECOMAIDS to learn more about what we specifically do to stay in compliance with this seal of approval and how it can help your family.