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How do I know I can trust your eco-friendly cleaning crews in my home?


We understand your concerns about your home, property, and family safety. After all, it can be a very personal thing to allow strangers to come in and go through each room in your house. For this reason, we take a lot of pride in our hiring process and developing crews that we would happily allow into our own homes.

Here are a few ways you know that you can trust your residential cleaning crew from ECOMAIDS in your home:

  1. We never hire independent contractors. We believe in creating a team of people that we can trust. The process begins with an online application. Then, we take each candidate through an extensive interview process so that we can get to know the people we will be hiring to provide green cleaning services in your house.
  2. Every person must be eligible to work in the United States. We never hire people illegally. Doing so, we feel, would jeopardize our reputation and the trust we hold with our clients. Because we want to get to know each person in depth before sending them into your house, we only hire people who are eligible to work in our country legally.
  3. We have very specific requirements in terms of skills and experience. Because environmentally friendly cleaning takes extra effort and skill, we are fairly strict on the abilities of the people we hire. We want you to be left with a sparkling home each and every time. Through the experience and high skill levels of our employees, we know we can achieve this.
  4. Every worker goes through credit and background checks. Once we feel we may have a great candidate for someone to do the type of in depth cleaning we require from our crews, we finish the process by going through an extensive background check. This includes checking credit, motor vehicle history, and criminal background.

Get to know our crew better. Schedule a consultation so you can meet the people behind ECOMAIDS and get to know them before they get started making your home spotless.