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Three Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning for Pets

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Your pets are like members of your family. And while you love them dearly, they can be a source of quite a few messes in your home. From soiling the carpet to tracking in dirt across your freshly cleaned floors, pets are a loveable mess at times. Just like your family, you want a way to clean up after them that will not damage their health—but will also leave your home sparkling and looking as if no pets lived there at all.

Here are three environmentally friendly cleaning tips to help you clean up the messes left by your four-legged family member.

  1. Clean up pet hair. Pet hair can contain dander—dried skin cells—which is a potential allergen for many people. Asthma and other respiratory ailments are common results. To clean up pet hair regularly, use a high-powered vacuum cleaner with an effective filtration system. The cleaner can suck up pet hair while also leaving the air quality of your home free from dust and dander.
  2. Don’t mask bad smells. Even the best-trained pets can occasionally have a lapse in their house training. When pets have elimination accidents in your home, you face two problems: stains and odors. Some people choose spraying chemicals from an aerosol to mask the smells. However, this does not eliminate the soiled mess. Instead, clean up the mess using all-natural cleaning products and eliminate the smell that way.
  3. Remove pet stains without toxins. When a pet causes carpet or furniture to stain, you do not need to turn to harsh chemicals to remove the discoloration. Instead, use a gentler all-natural solution—or even some club soda—to blot out the stain left by your pet. This way your home is not contaminated by chemicals and can be left clean and safe.

If you have a pet as a family member, make sure you keep a clean home with regular residential cleaning appointments from ECOMAIDS. We will help you to keep your furry friends safe with green cleaning solutions and your family breathing clean, dander-free air with our specialized cleaning methods. Contact us today for more information.

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