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How to Encourage Eco-friendly Living in Your Home

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At ECOMAIDS, each of our locations lives by a green philosophy not only at work but also outside of work. Therefore, we have made it our commitment to helping the environment wherever we can, with whatever we do.

Now, we are ready to pass our tips on to you. As a homeowner, you have likely wondered how you can make small changes to help make your community a better place. The following are three tips to help encourage environmentally friendly living in your house.

  1. Use reusable grocery bags. Tote bags are one of the most popular items in stores today. Using them can dramatically decrease the amount of plastic you put into the environment each time you go to the grocery store. Next time you leave to go grocery shopping, avoid the plastic bags and bring your own tote bag.
  2. Start a compost pile. This is a fun task for the entire family. Instead of tossing out vegetable and fruit scraps, toss them into a compost pile in the backyard. Then, when it is ready, use your compost pile to help create a healthier garden. By doing this as a family you can educate your children about the benefits of living a green lifestyle while doing something fun.
  3. Wash clothes in cold water. According to the Worldwatch Institute, as much as 85 percent of the energy used to wash clothes goes into heating the water. When you wash your clothes in cold water, you can significantly cut the amount of energy used. While this may not always be possible, for regular cleanings it is a good way to get your clothes sanitary without needing excessively hot water.

If you want more tips on how make a more eco-friendly home, contact us today!

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